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so m’wife (not actually wife but we like to call each other wives) and i were on omegle one time

and i sort of out of habit called her my wife

and this person said “oh you guys dating?”

and i said “well no ahhaha”

and she said back “no but we totally could be”

and i’m here just thinking OH

just thought i’d share. since it made me happy ovo… she’s a sweet peach

oh i almost forgot!

happy easter guys!!

i don’t really celebrate it so i kinda forgot oops

Thank you >w<

i bet it looked beautiful on your blog ovo

innocent-sadistic-dolls whispered: Yes, your theme is really pretty!!

Thank you! /)w(\

changed my theme!


it’s so pretty

excuse me while i cry over how perfect usuk is


people used to have to paint their own selfies

the ending to orange is the new black was not what i was expecting

hooooooooooooolly crap


i made his shirt say #1 wanker because i love him

i gave him tiny freckles

because freckly arthur is best arthur

draw you heart out! ovo <333

i care more about the fact that it’s 4/20 than the fact that it’s easter

i think im gonna draw

okok brb

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